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Box Topper

A sure solution for bounce back business.  These can mail easily for as little as 18 cents per piece. City Print can mail with EDDM by the US Post Office.  Test the areas near you for increased revenue. High quality commercial printing in full color.

Box Toppers|Pizza Box Toppers|carry out menu|EDDM eligible flyer


File Format : The image resolution should be saved at a  minimum of 300 DPI at 100% of their dimensions of their print size.

CityPrint uses CMYK 4 color process printing.  This will create high quality process printing.  For bleeds we need a minimum of 1/8 inch bleed all around.  


We accept the following file types: EPS, Illustrator AL, Indesign, (with fonts and linked images). PDF and image formats including: Photoshop, PSD, TIF, JPG, PNG, and others. We can also work with some microsoft documents. (Word Publisher and others)


Bleed Explained:
Presses cannot print  to the edge of a finished sheet reliably over a run; the piece must be printed on larger paper and then trimmed down for a professional finished product. This a bleed.  If the image extends to the edge of the finished piece, you must design them to continue off the “page” to allow an area to accommodate some trim.



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No Bleed 


Box Topper
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